Differences Between HTML and WML- HTML VS WML

HTML is a markup language used to create websites. WML is a more general-purpose markup language that can be used to create web pages, emails, and other documents. 

There are quite a few differences between HTML and WML which we will discuss briefly in the article.

HTML is a Formatting Language.

HTML is a formatting language that is used to create web pages.

What is html

Pages can be created in many different ways, but the most popular way to create a web page is with HTML.

HTML helps you to format your text, images, and other elements on a web page in a way that makes it easy to read and use.

HTML is Used to Create Documents.

Documents can also be created in HTML using the same tools as web pages.

For example, you can use HTML to create documents that are used for online reading or for displaying text on a website.

In addition, you can use HTML to create documents that contain images.

Images can be used to display information on a website or to make your document more visually appealing.

HTML Is Used To Display Text On Websites.

When text is displayed on a website in HTML, it is usually displayed in tags like and .

This allows you to control which parts of the document are displayed first and which are hidden behind other content.

You can also use tags to indicate how the text should be formatted
(for example, bold or italic).

Finally, you can use tags to control what type of font the text will use
(for example, normal or sans-serif).

HTML Can Be Used To Create Documents With Images.

If you want your document containing images to be visible on websites but don’t want them all shown at once, you can use htmlImage().

This function takes an image resource and creates a document that contains only the image files needed for that resource (in addition to any other resources required by the document).

WML is a Language for Writing Documents.

WML is a language used to create documents. 

Documents in WML can be created using the following methods:

  • Using the wmlxs file format
  • Using the wml utility
  • Using the include() and require() functions

WML is Used to Create Tables.

A table in WML is an ordered list of data that can be accessed by using the titles and attributes of each row and column.

Wireless Markup Language
Wireless Markup Language

Tables can also be used to display data in a grid or map interface.

WML is Used to Create Images.                 

An image in WML can be created using the following methods:

  • Using the wimg library
  • Using the img function
  • Using the imagetext() function

WML Can Be Used to Create Documents with Tables and Images.

WML can be used to create documents with tables and images. 

Tables can be used to store data in a WML document, while images can be used to display data in a grid or map interface.

By using WML, you can make your travel budget-friendly by creating documents that are easy to read and maintain.

Differences Between HTML and WML [HTML VS WML] in Tabular Form

1HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.WML Stands for Wireless Markup Language
2In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee invented HTMLWML was developed by the WAP Forum in 1998.
3HTML is used for developing webpages.WML is used on phones and PDAs.
4HTML requires a lot more processing power than WMLWML requires less processing and handling power than HTML.
5HTML is extensively used and utilized.WML is less used compared to HTML.
6Images used in HTML are JPEG, GIF, or PNG.Images used in WML is WBMP.
7HTML code is lengthy.WML code is compact.
8HTML is not a programming language hence not use variables.WML uses variables.
9HTML is non-case sensitiveWML is a case-sensitive language.
10HTML coding takes a huge time to development as we have to deal with numerous tags.In WML tags have been specified.
11In HTML the basic unit of navigation is a webpage.In WML the navigation is done using a card.
12Requires more bandwidth.Less Bandwidth is required.
13It is used in a desktop computer or personal computer.It is used for mobile devices in wireless communications.

Differences Between HTML and WML [HTML VS WML] With Infographic

Differences Between HTML and WML
Differences Between HTML and WML

Advantages and Disadvantages of HTML In Tabular Form

Sr.NoPros of HTMLCons of HTML
1It is an open-source language.HTML has numerous limitations.
2It can build static websites.To build dynamic websites and applications back end languages are required like PHP and JAVA.
3HTML is easy to use and learn.HTML has vulnerabilities.
4for creating attractive websites HTML alone can not be utilized.HTML needs CSS for further enhancement of webpages.
5HTML is light-weighted.Lots of code make them difficult to read.
6HTML is an independent free language.HTML can have dependency issues.
7HTML 5 has been released with advanced features.Lack of security features.
8Can be used with a variety of programming languages.Take a huge time in coding.

Versions of HTML

#HTML VersionRelease Date
1HTML 1.01993
2HTML 21995
3HTML 3.21997
4HTML 4.011999
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What Are the Key Differences Between HTML and WML?

HTML is used to create documents with images. 

Images can be used to represent data in HTML documents, and they can also be used to display graphics in a document.

WML is a language for writing documents that use tables and images.

Tables are a type of table that allows you to group data together, and images can be used to display graphics in WML documents.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What is WML Used For?

WML stands for Wireless Markup Language specially designed and developed for cellular devices like mobile phones and PDAs.

Which is Better WML or HTML

HTML is far better as it is easy to use and utilize.

What is HTML Used for?

HTML stands for the hypertext markup language, it is basically used in creating webpages.

Is HTML a Programming language?

HTML is not a programming language, it is a markup language that is used to design a webpage.

Is HTML a Simple language to learn?

Yes, HTML is a simple language to learn and execute.

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HTML and WML are both great formats for creating documents, but they have different uses.

HTML is used to create web pages, while WML is used to create documents.

While both formats can be used to create documents with images and tables, HTML is generally more versatile.

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