Differences Between Binary Code Decimal and Binary Number System [BCD Vs. Binary]

The number systems are used and utilized in the computer system for better and more advanced communications and are also used to receive desired output.

The modern computer is unable to understand any human language.

They convert every instruction given to them into machine readable form and later convert them to human readable form for better usability and understanding in the form of output.

The information or instructions, such as images, videos, songs, and text, are converted to 0s and 1s that are easily understood by computers.
We will learn the Differences Between Binary Code Decimal and Binary Number Systems [BCD Vs. Binary] using images and examples.

What is Binary Code Decimal

The computer system is an electronic device that uses numbers to process and present outputs or desired results.

Binary Code Decimal Numbers are numbers that use a two-byte representation.

These numbers are used in the mathematics and computer science communities to represent data more efficiently than traditional number systems.

In binary code, each digit or bit is represented by a combination of 0s and 1s.

For example, 10110000 is composed of 10 bits (10 + 0x010000), which would be written as 10110000..10.

In other words, 10110000 comprises 11 different digits (10 + 0x010000).

This is the basic structure of any computer system, representing a number or set of numbers.

For example, on a modern computer, the address 0xc0 would represent the location of the instruction “read from memory”, while 0xd8 represents the location of “write to memory”.

Binary Code Decimal is a System of Numbers.

Binary code decimal is a number system that uses two sets of numbers to represent different concepts.

The first set of numbers is called the base or number system, which includes numbers 1 through 10.

The second set of numbers is called the floating point number system, including the numbers 11 through 19. Binary code decimal is primarily used to represent numbers in math and science.

The Binary number system is a computer internal processing language that uses 0s and 1s and cannot read characters and numbers.

What is a Binary Number System

In a binary number system, each is composed of a combination of two numbers.

The first number is called the base, and the second is called the exponent.

For example, in binary, 1+1=2

Similarly, in binary 10-5=5

One everyday use for binary numbers is representing information in an electronic system.

For example, you can use a binary number system when you want to remember the order of operations (from left to right).

This way, you would write down "2, 3, 5" rather than "1 2 3 4 5".

A binary number system is a way of representing numbers using two different sets of numbers, typically 1 and 0. For example, the number 2 can be written as 1010 or 11001.

A binary number system is often used to represent numbers more concise and user-friendly way.

For example, the number 2 can be written as 1010 or 11001. This removes the need to remember each individual character’s value.

Binary numbers are also represented by Boolean values like TRUE and FALSE or 0s and 1s [ON and OFF].

The instructions or commands given to the computer system are firstly converted or translated into a binary system and later processed to obtain the desired output.

Differences Between Binary Code Decimal and Binary Number System [BCD Vs. Binary]

#Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)Binary Number System
1Binary Code Decimal is a System of Numbers.In a binary number system, each is composed of a combination of two numbers.
2BCD is used with decimal numbers.The binary number is used for arithmetic and storage
3BCD numbers use 4 bits that represent one decimal digit.A binary number represents 2 states per bit. Every bit consists of 1 and 0.
4They encode more information compared to binary numbers.They encode less information.
5Binary code has base 4.They have base 2.
6They are easy to construct instructions.They are challenging to build instructions.
7BCD needs more bits.They require less number of bits.
8They are less efficient.They are efficient.
9It takes more time for execution.Take less time for execution.
10BCD is complicated.It is simple to execute.
BCD Vs. Binary

Differences Between Binary Code Decimal and Binary Number System With Image

Differences Between Binary Code Decimal and Binary Number System
BCD Vs Binary

Types of Binary Code Decimal [BCD]

There are two types of BCD
Types of BCD
Types of BCD
  1. Packed BCD.
  2. Unpacked BCD.

Types of Number Systems

There are 4 different types of the number system.
  • Binary Number System
  • Decimal Number System
  • Octal Number System
  • Hexadecimal Number System
types of number system
Types of Number Systems

Number System Conversions

  • Binary to Decimal
  • Decimal to Binary
  • Octal to Decimal
  • Decimal to Octal
  • Octal to Binary
  • Binary to Octal
  • Hexadecimal to Binary
  • Binary to Hexadecimal
  • Hexadecimal to Decimal
  • Decimal to Hexadecimal
  • Octal to Hexadecimal
  • Hexadecimal to Octal
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is BCD Decimal or Binary?

Binary code decimal is a process of converting decimal numbers into binary.

What is a BCD Example?

0000, 0001, 0010.

Who Invented the BCD code?

IBM [International Business Machines]

Who first Used Binary Code?

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