How To identify What Motherboard Do I Have with Pictures

To identify or know your Computer motherboard is a very easy task. Why you need to know your motherboard? This is the first question it may come to your mind it may be because you many need to install or update drivers, or you need to upgrade your system configuration for example Need more capacity of RAM | Memory or upgrade your CPU | Processor .

OR Just for knowledge sake if you’re a student or professional or just want to check whether you purchased the right brand you ordered.

As all the computer peripherals and devices are attached to motherboard using cables and wires to upgrade your system you should be aware of the model No, Serial No and manufacturer of motherboard.

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Identify your motherboard using windows

Here you are going to learn to identify the motherboard which is installed in your Personal computer system. They usually looks similar to one another but the basic difference is their serial no, model no and their manufacturer.

So to know the model no, serial no and manufacturer follow the below given steps ::

  • Step 1 ::
  • Go to start---->Run
  • Step 2 ::
  • Type In the box -----msinfo32

how to identify motherboardHow to identify Motherboard

Now Click on the ok button to find the MB manufacturer, model No, and serial no the below picture shows the complete detail of your system configuration

System Configuration to find motherboardsystem configuration to identify motherboard

In the above image of system configuration here you can easily identify the manufacturer which is ECS and system model that is G41T-M7.

  • Method 2 ::
  • Step 1 ::
  • Go to Start ---->Run
  • Step 2 ::
  • Type in the box ----dxdiag click on ok to find the system configuration

dxdiag to identify the motherboardDxdiag to identify the motherboard

dxdiag to find the motherboard Using Dxdiag command to find motherboard and system configuration

Above Image of Dxdiag command shows the complete details of system configuration , name , manufacturer and chip type.

Method 3 ::

  • Step 1 ::
  • Go to Start ---->All Programs---Accessories----System tools----System Information Now click on tools in menu bar and click on dxdiag

system information using windowsSystem Information Using Windows

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Identify Motherboard Using Third Party Software

There are numerous third software which is used to identify or find computer motherboard and system configuration. Using this software you can easily detect Main board, Ram, BIOS etc. Now using this software you will not require to open the computer case and detect visually.

Some of the Computer software which are widely used for this purpose are ::

  • CPU-Z
  • Belarc Advisor
  • System Spec
  • Sandra Lite
  • AIDA64
  • Hwinfo32

CPU-Z :: This software is used to know the system configuration. That are RAM, BIOS, motherboard etc. You can download herethe software and run it to find any of the system information you need.

After installation is completed you will find a icon appeared on your desktop. Next thing is to do just go and double click on the icon soon on your desktop screen the following image will appear.

cpu-z to find motherboardCPU-Z to find Motherboard

In the above image of CPU-Z you can easily find manufacturer and model No of your MB..

Belarc Advisor :: Using Belarc Advisor it is very easy to detect Main board and find system configuration.Download Berlac ADvicor and run the software.

Belarc Advisor software

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