Why is C++ So Hard to Learn For Beginners With Examples

Computer programming languages are easy to learn and implement still many users ask why is C++ so hard to learn for beginners.

The C++ programming language uses the OOPs concept which is hard to learn, understand, and use which makes C++ difficult to learn for newbies.

The original name of C++ was Sea with Classes which was changed in 1983. C++ was designed and developed for system programming.

C++ programming languages inherit all the features and characteristics of c language.

C++ is considered to be a middle language that supports both low-level language and high-level language.

What is C++ Programming Language?

C ++ is a medium-level programming language introduced by Bjarne Stroustrup in Bell Labs. C ++ is a developed version of C, originally developed in Bell Labs.

In C++, we can implement all the features of C along with OOPs concepts; and developing software in C, it is better to develop software in C++, which involves both C and C++.

Therefore the language is known as a hybrid language.

C++ is a middle-level language because is suitable for low-level and high-level programming.

Unlike C, which does not have virtual functions, C++ uses a top-down approach and does not have namespacing.

More than 35 operators were implemented in C++ in earlier programs, ranging from arithmetic to bit manipulation and laser operation.

The main feature of C++ is object-oriented programming, but before that, we would like to learn C.

The programs coded in C++ are run on operating systems including UNIX, Linux, and Windows, and they use OOPs to create classes.

Mobile platforms, set-top boxes, and satellite-connected software use C++ programming language to build reusable codes; C++ programming language is also used in the creation of iPhone or iPad applications.

Why is C++ So Hard to Learn for Beginners?

As we know C programming is a computer language that is the foundation of all programming languages since if we learn C language, then it becomes easier to learn and execute C++ programming language,

but C++ is harder to learn compared to C language since C language is a procedural language.

While C++ has a procedural and object-oriented language approach, C language lacks functional overloading, while C++ does.

C language has a top-down approach; unlike C++ which has a bottom-up approach.

It isn’t easy to learn C++ because it has an inheritance. C language lacks namespaces, and C++ does have namespaces for all these reasons.

The C language is a middle-level programming language, while the C++ language is a high-level programming language.

The C language has no virtual functions, but C++ has virtual functions. It is impossible to perform exception handling in C language, but it is possible with C++.

C++ has built-in user-defined data types, and C++ does not have any user-defined data types.

There are many reasons C++ programming language is hard to learn:

There is operator overloading in C++, but C does not have it, and encapsulation is not supported in C.

Still, it works in C++, reference variables in C do not exist, but they can be used in C++ programming, so all of these reasons cause C++ language to be hard to learn.

Why is C++ Complicated

The C++ language is a high-level, procedure-oriented, object-oriented language with a bottom-up approach.

The language also supports functional overloading, inheritance, and namespace width and has polymorphism concepts and virtual functions.

Since C++ has user-defined and built-in data types, encapsulation, and enumeration, all these functions are supported by C++, making it complicated to learn other programming languages.

Therefore, first, you have to learn C++ programming languages because this is an important part of learning other programming languages.

C++ Syntax

Here we learn about the basic program of C++ and its syntax. I will tell you about the sentence and their purpose of work (//).

This is the comment and line written after this, which is a comment for the people to read this next is #include<iostream.h> in this #include is used for include files in our program.

We use cout for the print purpose to print the output we use #include<iostream.h>. int main() is a function where the program execution was started.

These were written between these { } opening braces and close braces next is; it is used to end of the statement, return  0 with this statement program ends.

Versions of C++

#C++ VersionEditionYear
1C++9819881st Edition
2C++0320032nd Edition
3C++1120103rd Edition
4C++142014 4th Edition
5C++172017 5th Edition

Different Programming Languages With Purpose

#Programming LanguageUses
1CDevice Drivers and Operating System
2C++Games, Video, and Picture Editing Software.
3PythonArtificial Intelligence and Machine learning
4PHPApplication Development, Software.
5.NETDesktop Software and Application Software.
6JAVAEnterprise Application Development
7JavaScriptRich Interactive Web Applications
8JqueryIt is a framework of javascript used to add extra functionality to webpages.
9SQLDatabase Management

Is C++ harder to learn than Python?

It is easier to learn Python than C++ as C++ requires us to write long lines of code to construct a program, whereas Python only requires short lines of code.

Python is easier to memorize than C++, where C++ includes many symbols and triggers other actions. In C++, declaring variables is required, but this is not the case in Python.

C++ supports both low-level language and high-level language; that’s why it is called middle-level language.

If you create a program in C language, but in C++ programming language, it is better to create a program than in C language.

C++ is used in system software like windows, Linux, and Mobile OS, from this application software like Photoshop, coral-draw, and Microsoft-office to create it.

The use of C++ language is in animation, motion graphics, virtual reality devices, and updates of high-usage software.

And it also provides speed; that’s why it is a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera mini, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What Does C++ Use For?

C++ programming language is commonly used for designing and developing video games, picture and video editing software, applications, operating system, and modern browsers.

Is C++ Easy Language?

No, it is considered that C++ is difficult to learn.

Where Can I Learn C++ For Free?

There are numerous platforms available on the internet like w3schools, JavaTpoint, and various YouTube channels.

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