Which Statement Describes A Characteristic of Cloud Computing

There are several significant characteristics of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a way to store data and information and can access information online using an internet connection.

In this article, we will learn and discuss Which Statement Describes A Characteristic of Cloud Computing with types and definitions.

The term “cloud” refers to the internet, which allows us to access information and files from anywhere at any time.

Cloud computing means accessing applications through remote servers rather than locally installed software on your computer or mobile device.

Cloud computing is an infrastructure that can be availed to store your valuable data and information over the internet with an additional layer of security so that your precious data is safe.

Cloud computing offers operating systems, applications, hardware, firewall, database, networking, server resources, etc.

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is considered to be one of the fastest-growing industries currently.

Cloud computing delivers computer services through a network, like hardware, software, firewall, applications, networking, and other valuable resources.

what is cloud computing
What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing use remote server delivered or hosted by reputed companies like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft that are extensively used and utilized for data and information storing and accessing application remotely through the internet.

Normal users can also use and access cloud computing for data storage and accessing information, and it is simple to use and handle.

For example, Google Drive can be used for data storage.

Several software and applications on the internet provide cloud computing; as the information is stored in the Cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere according to the user’s convenience.

10 Characteristics of Cloud Computing

There are some significant characteristics of cloud computing that are mentioned below.
  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Ease of Use.
  3. Availability / Reliability
  4. Scalability.
  5. Security.
  6. Unlimited Storage Capacity.
  7. Mobility.

#1. Cost Savings | Inexpensive.

The cost depends on how much storage or bandwidth space is required.

Cloud computing is an infrastructure that uses large, shared computer systems to provide services to remote users.

Cloud saves money on hardware and electricity costs.

Cloud computing has become an essential part of everyday business operations because it offers many benefits over traditional on-site data centers or other forms of cloud hosting.

Cloud computing provides access to high-end hardware at low costs and can help users avoid expensive equipment for maintenance.

The maintenance of cloud computing is not that complex when installed precisely.

#2. Ease of Use.

In cloud computing, the data and information are stored online. Information can be accessed from different devices or locations, which makes everything much easier for everyone involved with your business operations (including customers!).

The data and information can be accessed easily and securely using cloud computing over traditional storage techniques.

#3. Availability / Reliability.

Cloud servers are highly reliable for businesses with high uptime compared to traditional methods.

The Cloud offers 24-hour availability because most providers offer redundancy at no extra cost.

If one server is damaged or goes down, there is an automatic replacement for that server so that the performance is not hampered.

It gives ample time to repair or even replace the damaged server.

This ensures your business won’t lose data due to downtime beyond normal repair timeframes (such as holidays).

#4. Scalability.

The Cloud is extremely easy to install and operate. The hardware devices required to operate the Cloud to its full potential are inexpensive compared to other techniques.

Cloud computing allows you to scale up or down according to requirements with abundant bandwidth and storage capacity.

Because the Cloud provides more than just storage space, it’s also possible for your application to run faster than it would if it were hosted locally.

#5. Security.

The main advantage or characteristic of cloud computing is the security it provides for its clients to run their businesses swiftly without any threat of loss of data and information.

The additional layer of security has made Cloud computing a leading player in its industry.

#6. Unlimited Storage Capacity.

Cloud computing has an enormous storage capacity that can be used and utilized according to the user’s requirements.

The storage requirement of the clients can be made flexible; for small applications, less space can be arranged and vice versa.

#7. Mobility.

The Cloud can be accessed anywhere, according to your convenience. The Cloud is a faster method of accessing data and information at a high-security level.

Characteristics of Cloud Computing Using Image

Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Which Statement Describes A Characteristic of Cloud Computing

The data and information can be accessed according to the user's convenience anywhere and anytime without much of restriction, this statement describes a characteristic of a cloud computing.

There are significant characteristics of cloud computing, some of which are low cost, security, and faster way to access information.

  1. Cloud Computing provides incredible security, almost mandatory for businesses like finance and banking.
  2. Business can access their data and information virtually from anywhere.
  3. It is expensive to deploy as the cost of the hardware and equipment are on the lower side.
  4. Cloud computing is simple to use and handle.
  5. It provides a large storage capacity.

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6 Uses of Cloud Computing

  1. Cloud storage is a highly flexible way of storing data and accessing information.
  2. The data and information can be accessed and shared from anywhere.
  3. Cloud computing is scalable.
  4. Cloud computing needs less investment in hardware and software licenses, reducing the overall cost.
  5. Flexibility – You can access all the needed resources, but they’re not tied down by location or ownership.
  6. Cloud computing is more reliable compared to traditional methods. The data and information is stored externally, hence less chance of data corruption.

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What are Some of the Characteristics of a Distributed Cloud?

  1. Resource sharing.
  2. Openness.
  3. Concurrency.
  4. Scalability.
  5. Fault Tolerance.
  6. Transparency.

Different Types of Cloud Computing

Four types of cloud computing are mentioned below.
  1. Private Clouds.
  2. Public Clouds.
  3. Hybrid Clouds.
  4. Multi Clouds.

Cloud Computing Services

  1. Software as a Service [SaaS].
  2. Platform as a Service [PaaS].
  3. Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS].
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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Cloud Computing Characteristics

What is the father of cloud computing?

Scientist J.C.R. Licklider.

Which of the following characteristics of cloud computing helps?

There are various helpful characteristics of cloud computing that help are

What are the two characteristics of the public Cloud?

On-demand computing and self-service provisioning.

What are the five cloud characteristics?

On-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service.

What are the four types of public Clouds?

Microsoft Azure.
Amazon Web Services.
Google Cloud Platform.
IBM Cloud Services.

What are the four components of the Cloud?

A frontend platform.
· A backend platform.
· A cloud-based delivery model.
· A network (internet, intranet, or intercloud)

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