The Best App Development Scholarship Programs

As the usage of smartphones is increasing globally, there is a lot of demand for highly skilled app developers who can help this industry grow.

So many people wish to study and get skills in developing various apps for iOS and Android systems.

Thanks to scholarship programs, you do not have to worry about the funds for your education.

Applying and successfully receiving a grant, a scholarship, or a fellowship can open doors before you and help you build a successful career in this area.

By the way, one of the requirements for applicants who want to get funds according to scholarship programs is writing an essay.

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How to Get a Scholarship?

Scholarships are awarded to students who can complete the requirements of getting the funds and meeting the eligibility criteria.

Among the specific requirements for students are the following:
  • Being a resident of a particular country or region
  • Writing an essay or a personal statement on a stated topic.
  • Having a particular level of GPA.
  • Approving the financial need of the family.
  • Planning to enroll in a specific accredited college or university, and more.

Alliance Recruitment Agency Mobile Application Development Scholarship Program

This mobile app development scholarship program funded by the Alliance Recruitment Agency offers successful applicants many opportunities. One can receive USD 5,000 reward to cover expenses related to studying.

The Alliance works hard to serve organizations and students who wish to make changes in the app development industry and get more career options.

According to this program, applicants must be permanent residents of the USA, Canada, or Australia and plan to enroll in a specific College in these countries as a full-time student.

AIS Technolabs Mobile App Development Scholarship Program

The program established by AIS Technolabs focused on helping those students who wish to develop a specific application for Android or iOS that will solve an issue in a community or in society.

Students who apply for this scholarship program must plan to enroll in an accredited college or university within the USA or Canada.

The program allows a successful applicant to receive an amount of USD 500 annually. Areas of study covered by the program are Computer and Information Systems, Game Design, and Development.

SAMSUNG Mobile App Academy Awards

The scholarship award established by the Samsung company encourages talented students with scholarships in mobile app development.

Five prizes are possible to win. Four awards are for finances for studies, and the fifth prize is the smartphone.

Students who apply for this scholarship program can count on getting from USD 5,000 to USD 20,000.

The award is counted on talented high school students who want to grow and develop a career in mobile app development in the future.

To apply for funds according to this program, 11th and 12th graders should send their own mobile app concept to a scholarship committee.

Gulab Goodness Mobile Application Development Students Scholarship Program

Gulab Goodness established this scholarship program that aims to support students who lack finances to fund their education in mobile app development.

Gulab is a big company with a well-known name in the oil industry.

The program focuses on underrepresented groups in society. Students who apply for this program must be USA, UK, Australian, or Canadian residents.

The funds students receive according to this scholarship can be spent on tuition fees, books, accommodation, and other educational fees in specific accredited colleges or universities.

Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship

The program is oriented on supporting such underrepresented categories of students as women, veterans, national minorities, etc.

Code Fellows is an organization that aims to develop diversity in the technical field. Suppose you are a representative of an eligible group and wish to build a career in the field of mobile app development.

In that case, you should apply and try to get funds for your education according to one of the programs.

For example, Advanced Software Development in iOS.

Meteor Web Development Scholarship

The scholarship is oriented toward women who study at high school and reside in New York and the suburbs.

There are 15 scholarships available for applicants who wish to grow within software and mobile app development.

Successful applicants will be able to enroll in Flatiron’s Intro to Web Development and Design course.

There is no need for applicants to have coding experience before they start studying.

Kay Family Foundation

Students currently studying in high schools or at college and who have a talent for web development have a chance to win a scholarship that amounts to USD 5,000.

The organization supports students encouraging them to grow and develop in their desired field of study through the Kay Family Foundation.

To apply, a student must already have an example of a developed app.

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The development of mobile apps is one of the great careers in the modern world. The number of smartphone users has become bigger year by year.

Becoming a mobile app developer is a dream of many, and talented students can get funds for education by applying for a scholarship.

We hope that in our article, you found information about the best app development scholarships.

Good luck!
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