About Us

I started www.chtips.com in 2015 keeping in mind the need of computer hardware and networking tutorials. I started my career as a computer instructor in 2002 and I used to teach students subjects related to computer as I was going very well in my career I came across many computer problems which were very difficult to handle in those days because of lack of authenticate source and internet was not as vast and the cost using internet was high.

I used to refer books related to computers and solve computer problem in trial and error basis method which was really frustrating as there was no other source where I can get help from. My seniors helped me to some extend thanks to all the people who really helped me and blossom my career as an IT professional.

In those days an idea crimped into my mind to start a website and I was unaware of the technologies which were used in creating or developing a website so I dropped my idea to create a website in the technology niche. As the years went I learnt programming language such as C, C++,Visual Basic ,HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress and PHP with MYSQL .I developed this website which you are presently reading and after great struggle with huge amount of dedication and patience I finally was able to create www.chtips.com in 2015

During this span of time I developed many projects but chtips is close to my heart as it taught me many different professional skills like SEO [Search Engine Optimization] SMO [Social Media Optimization] creating static and dynamic website using frameworks like bootstrap and foundations.

If you are reading this page I really want to thank you for taking your time and waiting here to read my about page and special thanks to the ALMIGHTY who gave me strength and wisdom require to complete the project before time and also sincere thanks to all my "GURUS" Who helped me in every difficult situation in my career. If you have any suggestions, queries or questions feel free to contact me.