The laser printers are non-impact printers with superior print quality and faster data accessing speed compared to inkjet printers.  They are capable of printing in black and color. Printouts can be obtained in A4 and Legal size.  They have higher memory, also produce superior quality of printouts. 


The printer memory is responsible to store or hold the information or print command given through computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Laser printer memory is considerably on the higher side compared to other printers that eventually mean it can store extensive data for further processing and handling.


Now, before printing the document, there is a small delay this is because the printer is getting ready and the wire present in the printers is heating up,  as soon as the wire is ready it transfers the positive static charge to the printer drum.


When the signal reaches the drum [Metal Cylinder] starts rolling.  The drums in laser printers are expensive.  Since 1970 laser printers are used and utilized where higher quality of printouts are needed.


The printer drum has usually four color Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black.  In this stage the whole printer drum is electrostatically charged.  The laser beam begins to charged dots on a light sensitive drum that attracts tonner or dried ink powder.  The toner is transferred to a sheet of paper and fixed through a heating process.


The toner cartridge tends to release the positive charge carbon particles on the surface of drum as it rotates.  The toner attracts negative charges and leave positive charges aside.


The belt rolls on the paper with the help of positive charge.  The negative charge toner is attracted to the page and forms prints.


The dry ink is melted with the help of heat as the paper is rolled over. Later the printout is obtained..


Top Laser Printer Manufacturing Companies 


1. HP [Hewlet Packard] 2. Canon 3. Epson 4. Kodak 5.Sharp


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