Format Hard Disk Drive Using Dos Commands

Let Us Boot Computer Using Win98 Bootable CD

Step 1 :: Insert Bootable Win98 Bootable cd In CD-ROM Or Dvd-RW....

Step 2 :: Restart Your System , When computer Boots .Go to Cmos Setup / Bios Configuration By Continuous Pressing DEL Key From Keyboard Some common Keys are F1,F2,F10,F12

Tip :: Go To Your Computer Motherboard Manual And Find Which key to Hit to Go to Cmos Setup ...Sometimes It can be seen while Computer starts at the Bottom of The Screen)

Step 3 :: After Pressing Key You Will Find Picture as mentioned below..CMOS / BIOS could not look exactly as shown in figure ...BIOS Feature Depends upon the BIOS Manufacturer..Your BIOS May Does not look Likes ours but if You closely look at it You will Sure get an idea...Some common Bios are Award, Pheonix..

How To Format Harddisk Using Win98-cd-1

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Step 4 :: Go to Advanced Setup And press Enter Key from Keyboard... change the setting to 1st drive = Your DvD-RW 0r Cd Rom Here I Have used DvD-Rw....2nd Drive = Your Harddisk (ST380815AS) You can also change the setting by page up and page down key or + - keys from keyboard...

Press F10 From Keyboard & save the changes Now computer Will Restart....

How To format Harddisk using win98 cd 2

Step 5 :: Select Start computer With CD-ROM Support And Press Enter from Keyboard This Will Help You to Boot from Win98 Bootable cd With all command access

How To Format Harddisk Using Win98 cd 3

Step 6 :: As You can See From The Below Picture ..The computer has been Started With A Drive.. Type A:\> Format c:/s (Press Enter) Here c: Is the Drive Which You want to format .../s Option is given When You Format c: Which you want to make a startup or bootable drive ...where ,io.sys and msdos.sys files are transferred from A: To c: To make C Drive a bootable or startup drive

Later The command will prompt You with a message : All Data On Non-removable Disk Will Be Lost..Proceed With Format.....You must backup all Important data From drive c....If Sure Just Press y From Keyboard and Hit Enter Key..

Important :: You can format Your harddisk Partition's only when your partition are created Using Fat file System This method does not work On NTFS File System...

How To Format Harddisk Using Win98 cd

Formatting of the Drive c has Been Started Wait for 100 % ... Enter volume Label ... & Press Enter

Step 7 :: Now Format Drive d: Just Type A:/> Format D: ( Press Enter ) ...Just take a look at the command Here I have not used ../s Option..The reason behind this is we don’t make D: bootable just because we are going to install our operating system On drive C...

How To Format Harddisk Using Win98cd

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same if You want to format other drives Just use the command

  • A:/> Format E: (Press Enter) Switches used In Format command ::
  • A:/> Format E:/q (Press Enter) Here ... /Q Represent Quick Format ...As You can Format hard disk much faster..Than Without /q
  • A:/> Format E:/U (Press Enter)

Here .../U Represent Unconditional Format ...Where /s (System File Transfer) /Q (Quick Format) is not allowed This Option Will format hard disk Without any condition. Therefore it is called as unconditional format...