Frequently Asked Questions

1] How to Create Bootable Pendrives?

Solution ::You can create bootable pendrive or flash drive using any free software such as Novicorp Win To Flash or Rufus these software are extremely easy to use and very powerful.

  • You Must have a Pendrive more than 4 GB
  • Windows ISO Image
  • Software any of the above
  • Working USB Slot

For a complete Article on how to create a bootable pendrive please visit our page.

2] I am Unable to Reset my BIOS Password of my Computer

Solution::To Reset or remove BIOS password there are many free tools as well as many tips and tricks which you can follow for your issue.
Following are some of them

  • Reset Password using Clear CMOS Jumper which is located near CMOS battery and usually named as cmos_clr, cmos_cls, bios_config etc
  • As cmos battery holds or stores information and password you can discharge it by simply removing it from it socket for few minutes
  • Use Hiren Bootable CD in the software there is small tool name killcmos which is executed from dos.Before using it you must be aware of some basic dos commands.

3] Install Windows 7 Using Pendrive

Solution :: To install windows 7 or any other windows operating system you first need to create or make a bootable pendrive or flash drive.
you can visit our page for indepth article to resolve your issue.Install Windows 7 Using Pendrive